• Locker Room Rules:

      Every student will be assigned a locker.  The girls will be issued a lock.  If the lock is lost or stolen, the cost is a $6.00 replacement fee.  Boys must purchase lock from SVHS PE and will pay $6.00.  Boys may use SVHS PE locks recycled from sibling or from  previous year.

    2.  All lockers must be locked at all times!  Do not allow other students to see your combination.  Keep all valuables locked up.  The school is not responsible for stolen items.  All losses should be reported to your teacher.

    3.  Students are not allowed to share lockers.

    4.  Uniforms are to be taken home and washed on Thursdays and Fridays.

    5.  Jewelry may be a safety hazard and not to be worn during activity.

    6.  Students are not permitted in the locker rooms between roll call and teacher dress dismissal.

    7.  Cell phones and other electronic devices  (i.e. Ipods, camera's) are not allowed visibly in the locker room or activity area.

    8.  No food, drinks or gum allowed in the locker room, gym or class.

    9.  Non-aerosol deodorant must be in plastic containers.  NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED.


    Tardiness - If a student is tardy 3 times they serve an (A+) time of mandatory fitness