All SVHS Club meet at lunchtime unless otherwise noted

    Important club dates

    UPDATE - October 23: 
    Club Bylaws, Constitution & Budget Plan due 
    Turn into the Student Activities Office.  Questions - see Jo in the Student Activities Office. 
    October 15:
    Homecoming Carnival
    All clubs are encouraged to participate. 
    Clubs can use this as a fundraising opportunity or to sponsor a fun activity. 

    For those interested in starting a new student club or continuing a club from last year,

    pick up a Student Club Handbook at the Student Activities Office. 

    The Student Club Handbook 2019-20 is also available online on the school website.



  • How to Start a Club at SVHS

    Step 1:
    You must find a "certificated" staff member who is willing to be your advisor. This could be a teacher, administrator or counselor. You may have other people assist as advisors but for a school club, there must be a certificated school person as at least one of your advisors.

    Step 2:

    You must find members!  In order to be a viable club, ideally you should have about 15 members. If you have less but are planning on recruiting some more, your club can be provisionally approved.

    Step 3:
    You should have a weekly meeting spot and time. Most clubs meet at lunch in their advisors room. You can advertise the meeting information in the bulletin and on the school website. See the receptionist in the office for how to put a message in the bulletin and school website.

    Step 4:

    You should elect some officers. You MUST have at least a president and a treasurer but if you want to have more, that is okay too.

    Step 5:
    Your club should have a purpose or goal or theme. Your club should brainstorm some activities or fundraisers (where relevant).