• Freshman students are placed on one of three teams: Fuji, Mauna Kea or Olympus with the intention that students have the same teachers for English, Math, Science and PE. These four teachers have a common collaboration period that allows them to meet, plan and discuss classes, students and student work for a total of 235 minutes per week. The Freshman Teams model includes interdisciplinary projects for students, parent conference nights, and relevant field trips, newsletters to freshmen families, academic interventions and college and career awareness activities during the school day. The goal of these small learning communities is to provide support to students as they transition to high school, increase student engagement, improve attendance and foster a positive learning community.



    • Bolsters Grades
    • Provides A Personalized Learning Environment
    • Increases Attendance
    • Reduces Disciplinary Incidents
    • Builds Meaningful Relationships


  • Team Mount Fuji

    Team Mount Fuji was named in honor of the tallest mountain in Japan. Just like the name Fuji means wealth and abundance, we as a team hope to instill a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of opportunities for our students. The most climbed mountain in the world, Mt. Fuji inspires people to climb to incredible heights and overcome challenges. The abundant and high quality groundwater at Mt. Fuji allows for ample agricultural production. Our team hopes to grow together while celebrating our diverse students. Mt. Fuji encourages students to cultivate ambition, curiosity, and independent thinking by nurturing individual strengths. Although Mt. Fuji has not erupted since 1707 it is still considered to be an active volcano. We encourage students to develop their active young minds and become disciplined and honorable individuals just like the citizens of the Japanese culture. Fuji helps students harvest their own creative and intellectual potential, preparing them for life, college and career success. “Konohana-Sakuahime, causing the blossom to bloom”

  • Team Mauna Kea

    Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii. Its height of 4,207 meters makes it the second tallest island in the world. Just like this volcano, we want our students to reach high and work hard in order to be successful. Each week, Team Mauna Kea Students of the Week have showed exemplary progress in their classes and have made an extra effort to offer a positive attitude to their fellow students and teachers. Students of the Week are recognized every week with a certificate and a $5 certificate to the No Name Cafe. They also get their name on the "Wall of Fame" inside Ms. Kelsch's classroom. Team Mauna Kea wants to promote friendships and academic success for all of our students. We utilize our collaboration time to have meetings with students and parents, talk about how to support each student, contact home when necessary, and overall work together in order to make our students connect to every subject as well as the school. We are proud to teach on Team Mauna Kea and we want our students to be too. 

  • Team Olympus

    Team Olympus was named in honor of Mt. Olympus in Greece. The concept of Mount Olympus encompasses all the subject areas we teach; many of the foundational ideas came from Greek mythology or the philosophers of Ancient Greece, whether it is math, science, athletics or language. The Olympians were known to be keen observers of human nature as well as the natural world. We hope members of our Olympus Team will be as well rounded and open-minded as the Ancient Greeks who inspired our name. Reaching the peak will be a difficult journey, but once our students reach the summit, they will have a view of the entire world. “Olympus was not shaken by winds nor ever wet with rain, nor did snow fall upon it, but the air is outspread clear and cloudless, and over it hovered a radiant whiteness.”