• The 2nd round of senior portraits through our senior portrait photography company, Prestige, is coming up on Monday, October 18 - Thursday, October 21. Read the FAQ below to understand how to verify and confirm your upcoming appointment for your portrait sitting with Prestige. Answers to your important questions are provided in the FAQ below.  

    1. I did not like my proofs from when I originally sat for my portrait in the 1st round back in August. Can I retake my photos during the 2nd round of portraits this month? Yes. Please contact Prestige’s customer service team to make your appointment. Please use the following email address: byarea@lifetouch.com
    1. I have not already been photographed, or I could not make the first round of portraits in August. How do I schedule my appointment for the 2nd round of portraits on Monday, October 18 - Thursday, October 21? Prestige has automatically scheduled appointment times for any senior who has not already been photographed for their portrait and therefore needs to sit for the 2nd round. In three easy steps, log on to the portal, and either confirm the day and time of your automatically scheduled appointment, or edit the details of your appointment to your preferred day and time. See below for instructions:

    Step 1: Go to prestigeportraits.com.

    Step 2: Enter our state and city in the appropriate field. 

    Step 3: Click GO.

    Step 4: View appointment day and time, and either confirm by clicking CONTINUE, or edit by clicking Change appointment.

    Step 5: Follow the last two steps of the process to verify and confirm your desired appointment.

     3. When and where is the 2nd round of senior portraits? Cost? The 2nd round of senior portraits will take place from Monday, October 18 to Thursday, October 21 from 2 pm to 8 pm, in one of the classrooms in the College and Career Center. Standard senior portrait sittings start at $25. All sessions include a yearbook formal senior portrait. Yearbook only sittings are free of charge. If you are interested in ordering prints, you can order those for an additional fee.

    1. Clothing? Prestige will be able to provide the tux and drape and cap and gowns for both male and female.
    1. When is the deadline to select the portrait I want to appear in the 2022 Sonoma Valley High School yearbook? The deadline—no matter if you sat during the 1st round or will sit for the 2nd round—to select the pose you want to appear in the 2022 yearbook, as your yearbook photo, is Tuesday, December 14.  Instructions for how to do so are below:
    1. Create an account. 
    2. Log in.
    3. There should be a box that automatically pops up once you log in.  
    4. Choose your desired pose. Once you make your choice, this box will stop popping up.  If you dismiss the box the first time, log out and log back in. The box will appear again.


    Order your discounted copy of the 2022 yearbook at $90

    —the lowest price of the year—


    Back-to-School sale of $10 off ends on October 22!


    If you have any questions, please email the Yearbook Advisor, Jesse Fox, at jfox@sonomaschools.org. If it is necessary, your question may be forwarded to Prestige.

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  • Contact the Yearbook Adviser

    Yearbook Adviser: Jesse Fox


    Note: I am unable to answer calls during the school day, however I try to return emails within 48 hours.


  • Return and Exchange Policy


    If you ordered your yearbook through Jostens.com, please call Jostens at (877) 767-5217 or email their customer service department through Jostens Return Policy page.

    After yearbook personalization requests are sent to our publisher, Jostens, in February, we are unable to process any returns on personalized yearbooks.


    FIRST, before writing anything in your copy of the yearbook, please CHECK CAREFULLY that your book has no printing flaws, such as blank/missing, upside-down or wrinkled pages. If you discover concerns in your book, please bring it to the yearbook room, H-25, BEFORE you write in the book. Once you have written in the book, we cannot accept a return or exchange. At that point, it is yours to keep.

    If the yearbook you received is damaged, please bring it to Ms. Jennings immediately to exchange it for a new copy.



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