Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson 

Art / Art Design

Visual, Performing & Industrial Arts

933-4010 x5236

Art / Art Design Aaron Anderson AAnderson@sonomaschools.org 933-4010 x5236

Phone: 933-4010 x5236

Email: AAnderson@sonomaschools.org

Aaron Anderson, Art / Art Design

Department(s): Visual, Performing & Industrial Arts

Degrees and Certifications
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in Teaching

Mr. Anderson has been teaching at SVHS since 2012 and has been an Art Educator since 2003. He has worked in various summer programs and workshops before earning his Teacher Credentials in 2010. In addition, Mr. Anderson has worked as a professional artist and tradesman.


When Mr. Anderson is not teaching Art or creating Art, he finds refuge and inspiration in the natural world fishing, camping, backpacking, bicycling and is open to any other activity where the setting is in the backcountry of public lands.