• 6th, 7th and 8th Grade

    Make sure that good study habits are being formed. Explain to your child that the transition to middle school is very important. The sixth grade year will set the foundation for success in middle school and high school. To be successful, a student must develop and maintain good study habits. Make school your child’s most important job.

  • Tomatos

    Learning Goals
    • If you need to, catch up! If your child hasn’t mastered multiplication facts, work on those lessons at home to master
      essential math skills. Practice every night. If you need help, call your student’s teacher.
    • Your child will be writing multi-page papers, reading complex texts and solving multi-step word problems. They will be asked to
      explain their thinking in all their subject areas.
    • Read every night. It is the most important part of homework.
    • Your child will be required to read, understand and talk about more challenging books. This is so important!
    • Help your child to be an organized and prepared student.
    • Consider signing your child up for AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination).
    • If you are the parent of an English Language Learner who has not yet been reclassified (RFEP), contact the school’s EL coordinator to make a plan. It is important that students get reclassified before entering high school.
  • Social Goals
    • Your child will be making new friends this year. Meet your child’s friends and attend outside activities.
    • Know where your children are and who they are with at all times.
    • Enroll your child in after school activities. There are many activities and sports at school and in the community.
    • Encourage social and sports activities that support success in school and a healthy life-style.
    • Now more than ever you have to be firm about the amount of time your child spends watching TV or playing video games. Your child's homework is too difficult to be done in front of the TV. We suggest that you limit TV and video games to weekends only.
    • It is normal for teens to challenge parents’ authority. Be firm, but fair.
    • Monitor your child’s social media communications.


  • Homework for Families

    • Have your child start his/her homework on the day it is assigned. Set a regular time and place in the house for doing homework EVERY DAY!
    • Make homework and studying a priority over baby-sitting, running errands and other household chores.
    • Continue to follow your child’s progress on PowerSchool (Altimira) or School Loop (Adele Harrison). Read the report cards. Ask teachers how your child is doing.
    • Continue to attend Back to School Nights, Parent Conferences, Open Houses and other school activities. PTO and ELAC meetings are great ways to stay informed about the school.
    • Monitor computer and cell phone use. One click of the computer mouse or phone text can distract a student from school work. There are many online dangers associated with computers.
    • If there are issues or behavior changes in your child that worry or concern you, call the school counselor.

    Get and Stay Organized!
    • Organization and study skills are key to your child’s success. Middle school is a big change; students are no longer in one classroom all day with the same teacher.
    • Make sure your child takes a BACKPACK to school every day for supplies and a BINDER for schoolwork and assignments.
    • Check your child’s planner daily. The planner shows class homework assignments, project due dates, and test dates.

    The Future
    • College – keep talking about college, how important it is and how much you want your child to go to college.
    • Begin serious exploration of colleges with your child. Visit campuses on weekends, school breaks or during the summer. Call campuses to arrange tours for a glimpse of college life. We can help!