• College and Beyond!

    Congratulations! All the hard work paid off and your student is now enrolled in college.

    Now the goal is to get through college and graduate with a college degree. Your college student still needs your emotional support.


  • Students
    Keep priorities straight!
    Remember to keep college on the top of the priority list. College is very demanding. Don’t overload your college student with family obligations, excessive outside work and other distractions. Emphasize the importance of GOING TO CLASS. Sometimes half the battle is won just by going to class every day.
    Don’t get discouraged!
    College studies are challenging. Urge your student to ask professors for help. A study group can help your student through difficult times. Students can visit the campus writing center for help or can use the library services.
  • Family Support

    Everyone has personal setbacks. Your student may struggle with or fail a class. Relationships break up. Hearts are broken. Help your student overcome these life crises.

  • Students
    College Life:
    • Feeling lonely is normal for new college students.
    • Encourage your student to make friends, join clubs, go to games and/or play sports.
    • Students can get a part-time college campus job. This may actually help some students to do better.
  • Thank you, parents! You’ve done a great job all these years. We look forward to seeing your college graduates come home to Sonoma as successful and contributing members of the community. If there are financial difficulties, we may know of funding opportunities. We are still here to help your student with academic issues and challenges.