• 4th and 5th Grade

    Make sure that good study habits are forming. Explain to your child that these upper elementary grades are very important. They will prepare him or her for middle school and high school. To be successful, a student must develop and maintain good study habits.

  • Writing
    Literacy Goals
    • Read and understand literature, including fiction, non-fiction,
      poetry and plays.
    • Write multi-paragraph stories and essays.
  • Math Goals
    • Solve multi-step word problems in a variety of ways.
    • Encourage your children to explain his/her thinking in different ways.
  • Homework for Families

    Stay involved
    • Set a regular time for doing homework EVERYDAY!
    • Provide a place in the house for study.
    • Know when homework is due and make sure your child turns in the work on time.
    • Read every night. It is the most important part of homework. This is so important!
    • After reading ask your child to summarize what he/she has read.
    • Ask your child to show you evidence in the text when he/she is answering questions about the book.
    • If your child still hasn’t memorized multiplication facts, work to catch up! Work on those lessons at home to master essential math skills. Practice every night. If you need help, call your student’s teacher.

    Keep track! Little things make a big difference!
    • Continue to follow your child’s progress. Read the report cards.
    • Talk to your child’s teacher.
    • Make sure your child takes a BACKPACK to school every day; check it for notes and homework DAILY.
    • Limit TV and video games.
    • Monitor your child’s social media communications..

    Don’t wait
    if you become concerned about your child. If you have any questions or concerns or if your child is struggling with reading or math or is worried or disappointed, call the school right away.
    Attend Back to School Night, parent teacher conferences, Open House and other school functions! We are here to help you!
    Talk about college, how important it is and how much you want your child to go to college. Have you established that savings plan for college? Keep planning and saving.