• School Site and District Communication to Parents and Community

    call out with question mark inside    Why Communicate?

    SVUSD places great importance on communication between our schools and our parent community.  With necessary and effective communications in place we can work together in achieving our top priorities:

    1. Assure High Achievement for All Students
    2. Close the Achievement and Opportunity Gaps for All Students
    3. Provide a Safe Environment for All Students


    two people with shared call out    What Creates Effective Communication?

    SVUSD understands that everyone prefers different modes of communication and we have put many tools in place to accommodate these preferences. We cannot effectively communicate if your contact information is missing or is not regularly updated.

    It is very important that all parents/guardians provide their child’s school(s) with the following information:

    • Phone Number
    • Mailing Address
    • Mobile Phone Number
    • Email Address



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