• 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade

    Ask your child about school and about what they are learning. These conversations open the door to talking about college and how being successful at school helps students to be successful in life. Education helps students be what they want to be – a firefighter or doctor or nurse or engineer or mechanic or pilot. Talking about childhood dreams shows how much you value school and how important you think it is for your child to get a good education.

  • Kids
    Literacy Goals
    • Become a strong independent reader, writer, problem solver and creative thinker.
    • Retell stories by identifying main idea, themes and characters.
    • Use capitals and punctuation in writing.
    • Read everyday!
  • Math Goals - 1st and 2nd grade
    • Understand place value.
    • Represent addition and subtraction in different ways.
    • Make sense of problems.
    Math Goals - 3rd grade
    • Apply problem-solving strategies.
    • Use and understand different models for multiplication and fractions.
  • Homework for Families

    Stay involved
    • Make sure your child reads at home every day for at least 20 minutes.
    • Set a regular time for reading.
    • Check out books at the school or public library.
    • Talk to your chil'd teacher if you need help getting books.
    • Practice math facts with your child at home using flashcards or math games.
    • Encourage your child to explain their mathematical thinking and represent their thinking in different ways.

    Keep track! Little things make a big difference!
    • Have an early regular bedtime.
    • Have a morning routine of getting dressed, eating breakfast and being prepared for school.
    • Pack your child a healthy snack.
    • Make sure your child takes a BACKPACK to school every day; check it for notes and homework DAILY.
    • Limit TV and video games.
    • Read report cards.
    Don’t wait if you become concerned about your child. If you have any questions or concerns or if your child is struggling with reading or
    math or is worried or disappointed, call the school right away.

    Attend Back to School Nights, Parent Conferences, Open Houses and
    other school functions. We are here to help you!

    Talk about college, how important it is and how much you want your child to go to college. Have you established a savings plan for
    college? Keep planning and saving.