• 12th Grade

    It is time to prepare for graduation and then college. Keep the energy up! Keep the grades up! Students can enroll in Advanced Placement and lecture format classes, which are a good preparation for college. Stay in touch with teachers and counselors. Work with us to head off any problems.

    A time of high stress and sometimes…high drama. Help your student manage the stress. Write about it. Talk about it. Counseling can be helpful if it becomes a problem. Call your school for help.

  • Students
    Decision Time:
    • Where does your student want to apply for college admission?
    • What makes sense for your student?
    • What makes sense for the family?
    • Apply. Get the application in on time!
    • Support his or her decision.
  • Independence: Your student will soon be in charge of his/her own life.
    • Arriving to school and work on time is critically important.
    • If you have not done so yet, introduce your student to the world of banking, writing checks, using credit cards and paying bills.
    • Teach basic laundry and household cleaning skills.
    • Pass on a few simple, easy-to-prepare family recipes.
  • Homework for Families

    Make your student’s education, graduation and college admission the FAMILY PRIORITY. Your student needs your emotional support. Make sure that both your student and you understand that high school is stressful. Sometimes it is challenging. But he or she should not give up. Hard work leads to success.

    Talk and Listen
    Keep lines of communication open. Celebrate successes and accomplishments. Hear the fears; understand the struggles. Talk to your student about his/her day. Ask the school for support if you need help.

    Time to Make a College Plan
    Attend Parent University to understand the college options: Junior College, State College or a University. What’s the difference? How does your student apply? How does your student prepare to be accepted? If you haven’t visited campuses, now is the time. Attend the College Preview Days at Sonoma Valley High School.

    This is an important time for your student to succeed in school and to prepare to go to college. School, homework, and study must be your
    student’s priorities over household obligations and jobs. School must come first!