English Language Learner Information & Resources

  • English Language Learners are students whose first language is not English and are in the process of acquiring fluency in social and academic English. Our programs address the needs of different types of ELLs: Recently Enrolled ELLs and Newcomers, Progressing ELLs, ELLs at Risk of Becoming LTEL, and Long-Term ELLs (LTELs). 

    Sonoma Valley Unified School District believes:

    1.  English Learners can achieve at high levels with the right supports.
    2.  The language and cultural resources students bring are tremendous assets to their learning and that of the community.
    3. All educators are responsible for the language development of English Learners.

    SVUSD's vision for student success is not limited to reclassification of ELLs as proficient in English; we also support Dual Immersion programs throughout Sonoma Valley to prepare global citizens. 

    How did my child become an English Language Learner?
    When your child enrolled in school, you filled out a Home Language Survey that indicated a language other than English might be the main language of the household. Because the Home Language Survey indicated a language other than English might be the main language of the household, California state law required that your child have his or her English proficiency tested. Your child’s English Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing were assessed using the California English Development Test (CELDT). Your child was classified as English Language Learner​ (ELL)​ because his or her overall score on the CELDT was lower than a 4 (also called “Early Advanced”).
    Starting February 1, 2018, students will no longer be assessed using the CELDT and will instead take the ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessments for California).



2017-2018 SVUSD English Learner Update