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AHMS Daily Bulletin Monday , May 10, 2021 A Day

Happy Birthday today to Alejandro Carrillo-Dardon and Samuel Sager!!


Hey Hornets! This Wednesday in Mrs. Bellach’s Lunch Hangout from 12-12:30 we will be playing a Summer Themed Scavenger Hunt! We can't wait to see all of you there, make sure you're ready to race! – Leadership


Listen up 6th and 7th graders! Student Body Elections will be taking place on Wednesday, May 12th during the second half of Advisory. Be sure to attend Advisory and your teacher will provide you with the Zoom link for the Election Rally! Electronic election ballots will be sent to all 6th and 7th graders at the end of the virtual rally. If you miss the Election Rally, you can still vote - just check your School Loop mail. Voting will remain open until Friday, May 14th at 7:00 pm.


Hello Hornets! This week is KINDNESS WEEK! And today is the first day of it. Today we are going to put quotes in this padlet. You can either write one of your favorite quotes on it or you can draw your favorite quote with chalk and take a picture of it and post it on the padlet.The winner with the best quote will get their quote written in the quad, have fun! The winner will be announced in the Bulletin on Monday. Don’t forget to follow the SSA Instagram account @SafeSchoolAmbassadorsAHMS 


ATTN 8th Gr. Students - Mrs. Adele Harrison Memorial Community Service Award. This award is given to two students who emulate Mrs. Adele Harrison’s spirit of compassionate and dedicated service to our community.  Students will be asked to write a letter explaining their community service activities to be considered for this award. If you would like to be considered for this award please send your letter to Mrs. Bellach at by May 21st.


It’s been a while since we’ve announced our noontime activity winners, so here are the winners for our past three activities! For the Earth Day Kahoot, Kelsey B came in third, Mrs. Bellach in second, and Mary M in first! For the 20 Questions Activity, our winner was Ana S, and for our most recent activity, Charades, Jake R came in third, Austin C in second, and Gianna P was our big winner in first! - Leadership


FYI for 8th graders – Information regarding Promotion will be coming out next week. Please keep an eye out!!


Hey Hornets, this week Leadership has posted the links for the Summer Beach Party Rally Padlets. The Padlets will be open from May 10th-14th and winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 26th at our last virtual rally of the school year. The first Padlet is Make Your Favorite Summer Dish and post a picture of it to the Padlet. The second Padlet is to post a picture of your Best Beach Ball Drawing. The top two winners of each Padlet will receive a $5 gift card to Dutch Bros! Hope to see you all participate in the last virtual rally of the school year! - Leadership


Hornet Humor

Q: Why did the music teacher need a ladder?

A: To reach the high notes. Submitted by the Internet

If you want to contribute to the jokes, please send them to send them to:  Thanks! 


Be Safe,

Be Kind and Respectful,

Be Responsible,

And be the best you can be……. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!