• Student Support Services

    We have a full-time counselor who supports students with scheduling, academic counseling, social-emotional concerns, conflict mediation and career development. Additionally we have an SAY counselor who is an MFT two days a week for social-emotional counseling.  We consistently have 2 or 3 counseling interns to provide academic and social-emotional counseling under the guidance of our counselor. Finally, our School Psychologist is on campus 2.5 days a week to test students, attend IEP and SST meetings, advise our teachers and offer counseling to students.


    Special Education

    We have four excellent resource specialists and four special education classroom instructional assistants to support our students with special needs.  We also have one-on-one supplemental adult support when necessary. 5th/6th Transition IEP meetings are held in May that include the parent, student and case managers from the elementary school and Adele to determine your child’s schedule.  Students are placed into general education classes or leveled modified Math and Reading classes.  Students stay with their same case manager for all three years of middle school.  Learning Lab is a class offered to students in place of History to provide support for general education classes and study skills.

    English Language Development (ELD)

    We have adopted iLit, an interactive computer-based program, as our English Language Development curriculum. An English learner (EL) should expect that zero period will be a part of his/her schedule.  This affords the opportunity to take a class that focuses solely on learning English without missing out on any core subject areas. Teachers also provide standards-based language support and scaffolding to English Learners in their grade level classes.  Our EL Manager and ELD teachers meet to collaborate and review student progress three times a year. For a second year, Adele will host the district’s middle school age Newcomer program for students who have newly entered US schools and speak limited or no English.