• Communication

    Adele Harrison Middle School Website The AHMS website is the best way to learn about what is happening at school. The website is updated regularly and provides students and parents with a wealth of information, from links to important documents to photos of student activities. Please visit us at www.adeleharrison.org.  We also have an Instagram account: adele_harrison_middle_school, a Twitter acount: @AdeleHarrisonMS and a Facebook page: Adele Harrison Middle School.

    Adele Harrison “Hornet Happenings” Newsletter A newsletter written by the principal and emailed to families through Blackboard Connect.

    Parent Square Prior to important dates and events expect to receive a message. Please listen to/read the entire message.

    Parent to Teacher Communication If you need to contact your student’s teachers while school is in session, please call the main office and you will be forwarded to the teacher’s voice mail box. You may also email your student’s teachers at any time. Please remember that teachers have a 48 hour return call policy.

    Parent to Student Communication If you need to contact your student while school is in session, please call the main office (935-6080) and leave a message with office personnel. The message will be delivered to your student as soon as possible near the end of the class period. Students may use the phone in the main office between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to call home. Please refrain from calling your student’s cell phone or sending text messages to your student during school hours as it is in violation of AHMS school rules for students to have their cell phones out during school hours (9:00 – 3:15).

    Delivery of items to students Forgotten homework, lunches or PE clothing may be brought to the school office. It is the responsibility of the student to pick these items up between classes. A special box for lunches delivered after the start of school is located in the office right inside the office door so that students can easily pick them up. Please put your child’s name on such lunches.

  • Student Opportunity

    Adele Harrison Middle School provides many opportunities for students to become involved in the development of a healthy, positive learning environment. In addition, efforts are made by both students and staff to regularly recognize those students who make positive contributions. Following is a brief description for some of the opportunities provided for students.

    Daily Bulletin Included in bulletins are birthdays of students, student activity information, grade-level information and important dates, times and places. The bulletin is also posted daily on the Adele Harrison web site: adeleharrison.org.

    Sports (7th and 8th grades) Fall: Girls’ Basketball, Cross Country (coed), Soccer (coed) Winter: Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Volleyball, Wrestling (6,7,8 coed) Spring: Boys’ & Girls’ Track

    Assemblies/Special Programs The Leadership class plans assemblies throughout the year that are intended to motivate, support, and inform students.

    Recognition Rallies: Rallies will be held once a trimester honoring athletics, academics and life skills.

    Field Trips Teachers may schedule educational field trips to support learning. To help with expenses, parent/student donations are often needed. For students requiring financial assistance, parents may contact the teacher. Teachers often establish their own minimum requirements that students must meet to attend a field trip. Such requirements usually address behavioral standards and meeting deadlines with necessary field trip forms. Teachers notify parents beforehand when minimum requirements exist.

    Clubs Each year teachers sponsor a variety of clubs based on student and teacher interest. Builders Club is our most established club that performs community service in town. Other clubs may include Journalism, Gay/Straight Alliance, Lego, Ecology, Dance and Garden. Get involved!

    Dances With the exception of the 8th grade promotion dance, all dances are planned by the Leadership Class and the Student Activities Director. The end of the year Promotion Dance will be for promoting 8th graders and will take place at Altimira Middle School this year.

    Intramurals: 6-7-8 Intramurals are held during lunch and involve team and individual activities. Information is provided through P.E. classes and in the student bulletin.

    Student Government/Leadership Class The student body organization consists of 4 cabinet members and 2 class representatives, elected by the student body. The Student Senate consists of one student from each 1 st period class, who meet several times a year to discuss various student/school issues and then report back to their classmates. The Leadership Class is an elective class open to 7th and 8th graders who meet citizenship and grade standards. Students who meet the criteria are allowed to apply.

    Academic Achievement We have a three tier academic achievement system for recognizing students. Academic Excellence - 4.0 GPA Honor Roll - 3.5 - 3.9 GPA Academic Recognition - 3.0 - 3.49 GPA Students will be recognized at Recognition Rallies. Special recognition will also be given at the 8th grade promotion ceremony for those students who have maintained a 4.0 and/or 3.5 GPA for the first 8 trimesters.  There are many other awards for 8th graders given at the 8th grade Awards Night.  Click here for the specific criteria.