Cheryl Coldiron





Cheryl Coldiron, Art

Department(s): Electives Electives

Degrees and Certifications
Teaching Credentials - Sonoma State University (art, French, multi-subjects); Undergraduate Degrees in International Business, French, Art

Teaching at Adele since 2007

Special Interests
Art, gardening, traveling, walking my dog, reading, movies, the beach.

  • About

    I am the art teacher at Adele Harrison Middle School, and this is my 9th year teaching in Sonoma Valley. We will explore many different styles of art including Paleolithic Cave Art, African Art, Oaxacan art, and Modern Art - Impressionism and the Fauves. All students will receive a Sketchbook, and one full-page sketch is due each month. We will learn how to make coil pots and pinch pots during Ceramics. In the spring, we will design and create mobiles in the style of Alexander Calder.

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  • Class Notes

    Adele students on a field trip to San Francisco to see giant murals by Diego Rivera.

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  • Contact Info

    Please contact Ms. Coldiron through email or school loop. For class assignments, please Click the link below for SchoolLoop. This is an example of NoTan, a Japanese art style, created by a student.

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  • Ceramic dishes made by students.

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  • Visual Arts Syllabus

    Ms. Coldiron and a friend visiting with R2D2.

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