• Adele Harrison Middle School offers three distinct programs to students each delivering the same 6th, 7th and 8th grade curriculum in a different format. Each program offers students the benefit of a personalized learning environment during History and Science (Multi-age only) within the larger school where students enjoy continuity of teachers and peers during their three years at Adele. All other classes consist of students combined from all three programs. As a result, students, families and teachers are connected and able to develop a positive and supportive community.

  • Dual Immersion Program

    Students from Flowery continue their education in Spanish through grade level Spanish Language Arts (SLA) and History in Spanish.  SLA classes cover the CCSS Spanish Language Arts Standards as well as the World Language grammar skills from Spanish I, II and III from the high school courses.  Students enter high school prepared to be successful in Spanish IV or AP Spanish Language.  Many are also on the pathway to obtaining the State Seal of Biliteracy when they graduate from high school.

    Multi-Age/Projects Program

    Students chose this program as they enter 6th grade.  There is a 3-year commitment to the program. The classes are multi-aged, so the Science and History curriculum does not follow a particular grade level but instead covers the entire curriculum throughout the 3 years of middle school.  Students rotate their Science and History classes every 6 weeks. Students are required to do group projects and presentations of their work in class and on several evenings throughout the school year.

    High School Prep

    Students are enrolled in grade level courses for History and Science.  The curriculum is the same as in the Multi-Age and Dual Immersion programs, however students will be working on their specific grade level standards each year.  Students will experience projects-based learning and classroom presentations in these classes.


    AHMS offers the following Electives: Academic Support, Art, AVID, Band, Crossfit, Dance, Farm to Table, Lego Robotics, Performing Arts, Spanish and STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathmetics)