Richelle Ryan

Algebra, Projects History, Math




Richelle Ryan, Algebra, Projects History, Math

Department(s): Math History

Degrees and Certifications
Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Mathematics, Teaching Credential from Sonoma State

Teaching at Adele since 2006

Special Interests
Family, Traveling, and Buckeye Football

Richelle Ryan
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  • I am thrilled to be part of Adele Harrison Middle School! I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and moved to California at the age of eighteen. At that time, I joined Americorps and attended Sonoma State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in mathematics. After realizing I had a passion to teach, I went back and received two teaching credentials in mathematics and history. My first teaching job was at Adele Harrison and I have been here ever since! I am excited at the opportunity to work with middle school students and help them transition to the rapidly approaching real world. I believe anything we can do to better prepare our students and give them an advantage as they leave school is paramount to their successes as an adult!