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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, November 9, 2020 A Day

Welcome back Hornets, hope you had a nice weekend


Happy Birthday today to Cristian A.


Monday, Nov. 9th 

Mindful Monday-  Mindfulness nature trip

Getting back to nature can help your practice mindfulness and connect with yourself. There are so many more sights, sounds, smells, and textures out in nature.


To practice mindfulness in nature, just find a comfortable place to stand or sit outside. Use your senses to take in the experience slowly as you breathe. 

  • What can you see? What does it look like? What colors and textures stand out to your eyes? 
  • What can you smell or almost taste?
  • What do you hear - both close up and in the background?
  • What do you feel? What do you feel physically as you are standing there? What do you feel emotionally as you are looking around at nature? 


If you can’t go outside to nature, spend 5 minutes looking out a window. What plants do you see? Are there any animals? Try to imagine a spot overgrown with nature and wildlife. 



Congratulations to our new 6th grade representatives! Madeleine E for High School Prep, Austin C for Dual Immersion, and Mary M for Projects! A big thank you to all of our candidates for participating this year!


Hi Hornets! Congratulations to the winning Advisory class for the Halloween Spirit Week...drum roll please...Mrs. Hoban’s Class with 50% participation! Our runners up were Mrs. Shellie Ryan’s class in second place with 38% participation and Ms. Gruenhagen’s class in third place with 30% participation. Thank you so much for all of your submissions! We hope you had fun participating and dressing up. Every student in Mrs. Hoban’s Advisory class has won a $5 gift card to a local shop in Sonoma! Enjoy! - Leadership


Hi Hornets! On Monday and Tuesday, Leadership has a Veteran’s Day Padlet open for you to write a sweet note or record a video to say thank you to all of our veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day on Wednesday, November 11th! We hope to see your messages!


Attention Adele Art Students….your next fun project for Art is ready to be picked up this week!  Come to the office between 8:00 to 3:30  (Nov 9 thru 13 but NOT the 11th, that’s a holiday) and pick up your clay.  Thanks, Ms. Coldiron

Hornet Humor! . What did the turkey say on thanksgiving?

                   -"Im stuffed"

Submitted by Elle G  !…. Got a joke to share?  Email them back to me at


That’s if for now…Stay Safe Hornets and Remember to….

Be Safe,

Be Kind and Respectful,

Be Responsible

And be the best you can be……. THE CHOICE IS YOURS   (oh, and wash your hands)