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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, October 8, 2020 A Day

Happy birthday today to Opal G


Hi, Hornets! Leadership has another noontime activity planned for this Friday, Oct 9th, from 12 to 12:30! It will be a scavenger hunt. We will have hints so that you can figure what out items around your house you need to find to win. Let’s hope you figure out all 10 clues and win bragging rights. Join us in Mrs. Bellach’s Lunch Hangout on Friday at noon. The Google Meet link is here in the bulletin or can be found in Mrs. Bellach's Google Classroom and on the AHMS Leadership Wall website under Noontime Activities! Good luck, Leadership


Hey Adele! Well it’s October and time to start thinking about some Halloween fun. Leadership is planning a virtual rally at the end of the month. One of our rally activities that ALL Adele students are welcome to participate in is a pumpkin carving contest. To enter, take a picture of your carved pumpkin and post it on our Padlet. Entries can be posted between October 14th and October 21st when we make the Padlet link live. A panel of teacher judges will decide the student winners and the winners will be announced in our Halloween Rally Video! There are four categories: scariest, funniest, most creative, and best looking. You can enter up to one pumpkin per category! This activity is not only for students, teachers can join in the pumpkin carving fun as well and submit a photo.


Just so you have it, here is the bell schedules for next week’s conference schedule.  Keep this handy for quick reference:





Break 10:15-10:30


P4: 11:05-11:35


Student dismissal at 12:10

Student conferences

from 12:50-3:30




P0 7:30-8:20

P1/2 8:30-9:35

P3/4 9:40-10:45

Break 10:45-11:05

P5/6 11:05-12:10

Student dismissal at


Student conferences

from 12:50:-3:30














Hornet Humor!

Since it’s getting closer to Halloween, here’s a joke for you

  1. Why couldn't the skeleton give blood?
  2. His heart wasn't in it.

  Submitted by Mr. Tuohy

Got a joke to share?  Email them back to me at


That’s if for now…Stay Safe Hornets and

Remember to….

Be Safe                                                                                                                                                  

Be Kind and Respectful

Be Responsible

And be the best you can be

THE CHOICE IS YOURS   (oh, and wash your hands)