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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, Aug 21, 2019 A Day

Welcome to the regular Wednesday schedule everyone!  Right now you should be in your 1st period class listening to this bulletin.  Remember, since its Wednesday, you do not have Advisory today….you have 1st period, Break, 3rd Period, Lunch and then 5th period.  The school day ends at 2:29 on Wednesday.  If you have questions or get confused, come to the office and we will help you.  Thanks and have a wonderful day!


A note about schedule changes: If you are unhappy with the elective you were given you may request to change electives with Mrs. Bellach by filling out a schedule concerns sheet in the front office. You must talk to your parent and get their signature before returning the form to the front office. We do not make any schedule changes so that students can be in classes with their friends as middle school is an opportunity to meet new people.


Emergency packs….if you are still needing to bring in your emergency supply packs, you can do so all this week.  The barrels are outside your Advisory classrooms.


Not sure if you saw it in your back to school packets, so want to remind everyone that this coming Friday you are all invited to get a Free Lunch On Us!  Fabulous Free Friday Lunch happens on Aug. 23rd.  Don’t forget!



Try Out schedules:                                                                               

Girls Basketball:  7th and 8th graders only 

Tryouts:  TOMORROW, Thursday August 22nd and Friday August 23rd

7th Grade 3:30-4:45 both days

8th Grade 4:45-6:15 both days 

Teams will be posted that evening of Friday August 23rd


Soccer Tryouts: Co Ed team- 7th and 8th graders only

Tuesday 8/27  3:30-5:30

Wedney 8/28 2:45-4:45

Thursday 8/29 3:30-5:30

The team will be posted Thursday evening


Cross Country: Girls & boys-  6th, 7th, 8th graders may run 

Athletes will be running long distances- 1.8-2.2 miles 

“Tryouts” Tuesday August 27th  and Thursday August 29th