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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, June 5, 2019 A Day

Hoopla Day, hooo-ray!  For most of you, it’s a fun day….unfortunately we still have several people who haven’t cleared textbook or classroom library LOP, and if that is the case, you will be receiving a note letting you know you need to come to the Library instead of going to the Hoopla.  Notes will be sent during 3rd period today.  If you have your books in your back pack, get them to your teachers NOW, cuz once break is over no changes will be made.  Thanks


And hey, don’t forget, that if you brought in an emergency back pack at the beginning of the school year, today is the day you take it home.  Look in the barrels that will be outside your Advisory classroom after the Hoopla is done.  Thanks


8th graders, tonight is the night for your Promotion dance.  The dance happens from 7 – 9:30.  Be here a bit before 7 and find the line for Adele Harrison….doors open at 7:00 and you need to ck in before entering the gym.  Have a great time and remember to have your parents come and pick you up at 9:30.


If you want to order a yearbook, see Ms. Wedell.  Remember its cash only, $50.


It’s not too early to remind you all that this Thursday (tomorrow!!!) is the final day of school (don’t cry!) and that it is also a minimum day, which means you are out at 12:45.  Be sure your parents know to come and pick you up early

…and 8th graders, you will be doing your Promotion Practice for most of the day on Thursday and then you will be coming back in the evening for your final farewell to Adele Harrison.  You receive your Promotion Certificates and officially become High Schoolers!  It’s going to be a lovely evening, so hope you all can attend! 



Readers you do not need to read this:

Hornet Hoopla schedule (Wed)

Wednesday  Hoopla Schd  (A Day)

1st    Period    9:00 – 9:50                  50 min

Break               9:50 – 10:05                 15 min

3rd    Period    10:08 – 10:57             47 min

5th    Period     11:00* – 11:47            47 min

*Leadership students to be excused 5th period, time TBD

Lunch:              11:47 – 12:25       38 min

After lunch, all students will report to their Advisory classes.

12:35 Spirit class winning grade released to attend Hoopla

(those on LOP to report to Library)

1:00 Remaining grades released to attend Hoopla

(those on LOP to report to Library)

2:15 Hoopla closes.  All students (including those on LOP)

report back to Advisory classes.  Pick up emergency packs if

applicable to take home

2:29  Final bell, students released