• Welcome

    Welcome to the Sonoma Valley Unified School District (SVUSD). We are excited to welcome you to our schools and help guide you through the process of registering your child for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • 2022-2023 School Year Registration


    Getting Started

    All students are assigned to a school based on their home address.  To find your child's school of assignment, click here.

    Residency- Students must be physically living with their parent/guardian within district boundaries at the time of registration. 

    Transfers- Parents who would like their child to attend a school other than their assigned school can go through the transfer process.  To find out more, click here.


    Age and Grade Level Eligibility

    Kindergarten- Children entering Kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2022.

    Transitional Kindergarten (TK)- TK includes any child who turns 5 years old between September 2, 2022 - February 2, 2023.


    How do I register my Kindergarten child?

    All registration will be completed online. New student registration begins on February 1, 2022.


    Will returning students need to register online?

    Yes, this year all SVUSD students will need to be registered online by their parents.  This registration includes important information like emergency contacts, mailing address, etc. Returning student registration begins on February 28, 2022.


    When will I be able to register returning students online?

    Parents of continuing students will be able to register their students online now until the last day of school, Thursday, June 9, 2022.


    What do I do if I do not have a computer and/or internet access at my home?

    Internet devices are available in the office at your child's school for parents to use for online registration.  Please visit your local school for assistance.  Your school office staff is also available to help with any questions you may have.

    School Sites:                 

    Dunbar Elementary          

    El Verano Elementary      

    Flowery Elementary        

    Prestwood Elementary    

    Sassarini Elementary     

    Adele Harrison MS         

    Altimira MS                     

    Sonoma Valley HS           


    What about my secondary student(s) who already made course requests for next school year, will they need to redo their course requests?

    No, this process is for parents to update critical contact information and check other information they typically provide at the beginning of the school year.

    What documents do I need to register my new student?

    • Current proofs (2) of home address- one from each category below:
      • Category 1: Utility bill: PG&E, water, waste, cable, land phone or other utility bill
        • Proof must show parent/guardian name and street address
        • All category 1 proof must be within 60 days of registration date
        • Driver's licenses and cell phone bills will not be accepted as proof of address
      • Category 2: Mortgage statement, homeowner's insurance, property tax bill, lease, or rental agreement (rental agreement must have your landlord's name and phone number)
        • Proof must show parent/guardian name and street address
    • Parent Photo ID
    • Birth Certificate or passport 
    • An immunization record from your child's doctor
    • Custody/Guardianship documentation (if applicable)
    • Oral Health Assessment Form  English  Spanish
    • Report of Health Examination for School Entry  English & Spanish
    • Affidavit of Residence (if applicable) 


    How do I apply for a transfer to another school?

     For all information regarding transfers, click here.


    If you have remaining questions, contact your school of residence.