• We are accepting bus pass applications for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Please Fill Out The 2022-2023

    School Bus Pass Application


    Replacement Passes:

    Mutilated or lost bus passes will be replaced upon request with a payment of $5.00 processing fee.
    Bus Pass Violations:
    These procedures apply to the start of the school year. All students that wish to ride are required to have a bus pass for the first day of riding.

    Procedures for all students who show up at the bus stop without a bus pass/ ticket are as follows:

    • All Elementary AM riders without a pass will be loaded last, their name will be written on the Rider Without a Pass list and they will be instructed to get a bus pass.
    • PM riders without a pass will be denied transportation.
    • PM riders without a pass will be instructed to go to the office to phone home and be denied transportation.
    • Students that appear on the Rider Without a Pass list for 3 or more times will receive a bus referral. The student will receive appropriate administrative action, which may include discontinuing transportation services to and from school.
    • Students continuing to attempt to ride without a pass will be denied transportation.


    Bus Discipline Procedures:
    The purpose of the disciplinary procedure is to change the behavior of the students by working with their parents. Parents will be notified by the child's home school of any citations received and action taken.

    • 1st Bus Conduct Report: Warning
    • 2ndBus Conduct Report: 3 day suspension from all bus services
    • 3rd Bus Conduct Report: 7 day suspension from all bus services
    • 4th Bus Conduct Report: 10 day suspension from all bus services
    • 5th Bus Conduct Report: Termination of riding privileges


    Students may be suspended on the first offense for serious misconduct. Fighting on the bus or any other conduct that seriously affects the safety of other children on board the bus will bring immediate suspension until the parents' conference.

    NO REFUNDS will be given for suspension of riding privileges due to the misconduct of the student.