• How do I apply for free and reduced meals?

    • Please note, all meals are free to all students. We do encourage families to fill out NSLP forms anyway, as this affects how much money the school receives. EBT cards and free or reduced bus passes require filling out the nslp form. 
    • Applications are available at the Food Service Office, school site kitchens, on-line  and at the School Offices. Complete the application and return to the school kitchen or Food Service office. Please make sure that all of the information is correct and complete.

    Do schools serve breakfast and lunch daily?

    • Yes

    Does my child have to take everything offered for meals?

    • No; however, for a meal to be complete, a number of components must be taken.Three of four items for breakfast and three of five for lunch.

    How do I get in touch with the Food Service Office?

    • Ask for Adam or Andrea: 935-6091

     How do I get in touch with the kitchens?

    Altimira: 935-6020

    Flowery: 935-6060

    SVHS: 933-4010

    Adele: 935-6080

    Dunbar: 935-6070

    Prestwood: 935-6030

    El Verano: 935-6050

    Sassarini: 935-6040