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    Daily Bulletin - Week of February 27, 2022

    STUDENT BULLETIN-B week schedule This week's schedule:
    Monday, February 28 is a B day
    Tuesday, March 1 is an A day
    Wednesday, March 2 is a B day early dismissal 2:00 pm
    Thursday, March 3 is an A day
    Friday, March 4

    Next week is Spring Conferences, early dismissal is 12:15 everyday. Make sure you remember to order your lunch in the morning through the kitchen. Conferences will be online and will begin at 1:00 pm. Make sure you and your parents have scheduled a conference through the main office.

    STUDENT BULLETIN Students remember to bring a refillable water bottle. We have four (4) water bottle filling stations on campus.

    STUDENT BULLETIN Have you reserved your 2021-2022 Altimira Yearbook? The yearbook class are working on some new amazing features. Reserve yours today!


    STUDENT BULLETIN-CLUB The Boys & Girls Club after school program is now offering lunch time activities.

    Mondays- Electronic Sports League
    Tuesday- Anime Club
    Thursday- Homework Help

    All programs will be in our room (L6) during lunch and will be open to the first 20 students- all students (even non BGC) are able to join!

    STUDENT BULLETIN-CLUB Are you looking for a quiet, calm and comfortable space? Come to Mind Escape Club where you can read, draw, color, meditate or simply enjoy some quiet time. All students are welcome as long as they can be respectful of the quiet space. Get and eat your lunch outside first and join us! Meetings are held in C1, Ms. Dee’s room, during lunch on Mondays.

    STUDENT BULLETIN-Club Random Acts of Kindness club meets on Thursday's during lunch in M3. Students will learn about compassion and service for our community by making and delivering items to others on campus. This club will actively make the world a little kinder this year by increasing joy and happiness on campus.

    STUDENT BULLETIN-CLUB AMS-Garden Club-2022 Flyer Do you thrive outdoors, like getting your hands dirty and enjoy nature? The AMS garden club is the perfect place for you. Join Mrs. Pickens every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch to plant, explore and make all garden related stuff (crafts and food). Take the time to enjoy our garden and all it has to offer. We will meet at the garden entrance starting this January 11th.


    Mind Escape Club-Monday C1
    GSA Club-Tuesday A12
    Game Club-Wednesday A1
    Psych Club-Wednesday in A9
    Garden Club-Tues/Thurs-Garden
    Random Act of Kindness Club-Thursday M3

    STUDENT BULLETIN-Counselor Form AMS Self Referral Form 2021-22

    Students who would like to meet with Mrs. Murray, the counselor for an issue they are having, please complete this referral form.

    If you are a student and have concerns about another student(s), you may also complete this form for them.




    All Athletes should test once a week.  Testing is on the Altimira site Monday from 10 -11:15 in E3.  

    QUOTES WORTH REPEATING "You are not lucky to be here. The world needs your perspective. They are lucky to have you.”Antonio Tijerino, President & CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

    Library Announcements The library will be holding the final two days of the chess tournament this Monday and Tuesday! The four chess finalists are 8th grader Riley O'Hara, 7th grader Calvin Hofstetter, 6th grader Kalin Hurtado and 6th grader Ruby Young. We are asking that the library will be kept very quiet for the remainder of our tournament.

    Birthday Bulletin Happy Birthday the week of Feb 27
    Sunday, February 27 to Marlen Mondragon Garfia and Luis Murillo Sanchez
    February 29 to Litzy Bucio
    Tuesday, March 1 to Justin Avila Barajas
    Wednesday, March 2 to Bailey Walsh
    Thursday, March 3 to Luciano Hernandez
    Friday, March 4 Alexis Corona
    Saturday, March 5 to Ximena Arroyo Moya

    History History for the week of February 27
    1693 1st women's magazine "Ladies' Mercury" published in London, England
    1563 William Byrd is appointed organist at Lincoln Cathedral
    1594 Henry IV crowned King of France
    1700 English explorer William Dampier is the 1st British person to visit the Pacific Island of New Britain
    1801 Washington, D.C was established as the Nationa's capital
    1860 Abraham Lincoln makes a speech at Cooper Union in the city of New York that is largely responsible for his election to the Presidency
    1921 US wins championship in Female and Male Figure Skating that was Theresa Weld Blanchard and Sherwin Badger
    1941 13th Academy Awards:Best Actor and Actors "Rebecca", James Stewart & Ginger Rogers, we are about to host the 94th Academy Awards, now referred to as the Oscars
    2004 76th Academy Awards: "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," wins Best Picture
    1966 8th Daytona 500: Richard Petty comes from 2 laps down to win the event after 198 laps.

    STUDENT BULLETIN-Tech tip Speed up your browser by closing all unused tabs

    STUDENT BULLETIN This Week’s Pack Paw Winners are

    6th Grade -  Bailey Walsh  

    7th Grade- Angelo Tellez Medina  

    8th Grade- Yasmin Zavala  

    They will receive a pizza this Friday. Please let me know what type of pizza you would like, pepperoni or cheese.