• Dedicated to excellence and student achievement.

  • Altimira Middle School is committed to equipping our students with the tools they need for academic, personal and social achievement. We enable every student to reach their highest potential by establishing a curriculum that meets or exceeds government standards for education; providing extracurricular programs that develop children’s mental, physical and social skills; and partnering with parents and the community to create an environment geared to the success of students.


    At Altimira Middle School our values center on the potential of every child. In our classrooms, students participate in learning activities that are engaging, challenging, and relevant. Our staff is committed to the academic growth of every student and encourages students to experience the deep sense of achievement that comes from honest effort and hard work. Altimira students thrive in our safe and mutually respectful learning environment.

    Beyond academics, we look to develop students’ critical thinking skills, ethics, and sense of social responsibility as caring citizens of a diverse world. Altimira students are encouraged to actively participate in leadership and co-curricular activities, including student government, yearbook, band, athletics and performing arts.

    At Altimira, we foster communication and collaboration between parents, students and staff to develop well-rounded, motivated students who have a solid academic foundation upon which to create their own life success