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    Altimira Middle Bulletin for Monday, November 11, 2019.

    PARENT BULLETIN PTO meeting Tuesday, November 12 @ 5:30::ELAC meeting, Tuesday, November 12 @ 6:30 in the Altimira Lunardi Library.

    STUDENT BULLETIN Everyday fun: Fun Facts, quotes, inspirations, etc
    On November 11, 1921; a National Monument in Arlington Cemetery was established to remember those who fought and died in WW1. In 1958, the remains of two more unidentified soldiers serving in the U. S. Armed Forces were added and the Memorial was renamed The Tomb of the Unknowns. This monument is guarded 24/7 with great precision. This is a U. S. Monument worth visiting. read more>>>>

    STUDENT/PARENT BULLETIN Students received a packet with some fun items to order. Help raise money for Altimira student body, share the order number with friends on social media, bring a catalog to work. You can order online, use a credit or debit card, have the package delivered to your home. Prizes, prizes, prizes for all!!! All orders are due by November 13 in order to be in your hands before the upcoming holidays.

    STUDENT BULLETIN-Library Stop by the library next week and see the great books Mrs. Little has.

    DAILY BULLETIN Tuesday, November 12, 2019 is an A day.
    Happy Birthday to Julian Avalos.