• At Altimira Middle School our values center on the potential of every child. We have created a developmentally appropriate program that is challenging, inspires a love of learning and augments the many academic and interpersonal strengths our student body brings to class each day. Our staff is committed to the academic growth of every student and encourages students to experience the deep sense of achievement that comes from honest effort and hard work. In our classrooms, students participate in learning activities that are engaging, challenging, and relevant. Altimira students thrive in our safe and mutually respectful learning environment.

Core Programs

  • At Altimira, 6-8 grade students advance through the standard academic curriculum in a traditional grade level structure. Active student/teacher interaction, regular feedback, and subject-based assignments promote academic success in classroom settings where students are seated in small groups or in a traditional classroom setting. Teachers provide ample opportunity for students to question, learn and be challenged to his or her specific academic ability. Interspersed project based assignments give students additional opportunity to collaborate and develop partnership skills within single grade classroom environments. The core traditional grade level academics of math, science, social studies, language arts and reading are also complemented by diverse co-curricular activities, electives and physical education with mixed grade levels. All courses meet the State of California guidelines.

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Accelerated Programs

  • Altimira offers accelerated programs in math, science and language arts. These programs provide students with challenging coursework and high expectations in an exciting and motivating learning environment. Teachers deliver instruction in greater depth, and at a quicker pace than in the core program. Accelerated Programs are offered to inspire and empower learners through academic rigor and inquiry-based instruction.

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