• The Middle School Writing Center project stemmed from a pressing need to strengthen high school students’ writing skills. With the implementation of Common Core State Standards and the need for more complex writing skills, a group of community members and parents proposed the idea of a writing support center at Sonoma Valley High School. High school teachers suggested that writing support in the middle schools might instead be a better place to begin. We agree!

    The Writing Center got off to a smashing start since its launch in the 2017-18 school year at Altimira Middle School.

    At the Altimira Middle School writing Center offers the following:

    1. Students who need extra support attend the writing center by the classroom teacher for support.
    2. Coordination among English Language Arts (ELA) teachers and writing center coordinator to schedule in-class support or out of class small group support.
    3. Current project-- a small group from each class period attends for 45 minutes to work on short term projects.
    4. Lunchtime support.
    5. Pro-active advertising for ‘drop-in’ support for essay contests or Writer’s Faire submissions.
    6. Themed writing projects and publications.