• Dedicated to Achievement

    Dunbar Elementary School’s dedicated teaching staff create challenging and safe learning environments that encourage academic excellence, communication, and cooperation with peers. Our Principal, Elizabeth Stevenson, strives to achieve higher levels of academic excellence by building meaningful and effective relationships between students, teachers, staff and administrators.



First Name Last Name Position Department Weblink Photo SortGroup Email Phone
Mara Irvin 1st Grade mirvin@sonomaschools.org
Karen O'Hara 3rd Grade kohara@sonomaschools.org
Brandy Melendy 4th Grade bmelendy@sonomaschools.org
Lauren Stashak 5th Grade lstashak@sonomaschools.org
Riamei Ruebush Education Specialist-RSP rruebush@sonomaschools.org
Lauren Stashak Elementary Academic Specialist lstashak@sonomaschools.org
Mara Irvin Kindergarten mirvin@sonomaschools.org
Tracy Salcedo Librarian Media Specialist tsalcedo@sonomaschools.org
Mary Jane Arner Mentor Program Facilitator dunbar@sonomamentoring.org
Elizabeth Stevenson Principal estevenson@sonomaschools.org
TBD SCC K-2nd Grade
Mekiele Perkins SCD 3rd-5th Grade mperkins@sonomaschools.org