• Dunbar School Fundraising Events:

    Dunbar Elementary School holds several school-wide events each year to raise funds for specific causes. Check our calendar for updates and announcments on upcoming events, and check with our FODSPTO on how to get involved.

    Here are a few of Dunbar's annual events and school activites. Please check back for more info.

    • Cinema Al Fresco-Movie Night under the Oaks at Dunbar
    • Dunbar Melodrama-5TH GRADE PLAY
    • Jog-a-Thon
    • FODSPTO Moondance
    • FODSPTO Family Nights
    • Halloween Carnival and Haunted House
    • Dunbar's Costume Rummage Sale
    • Scholastic Book Faire

    We are always looking for donations of all kinds. Some donations are tax deductible.