• Family Bulletin
    The bulletin comes out every month in your child's Thursday folder. Inside your bulletin, you will find calendar updates, school and community notices, and FODSPTO communications. If you would like something to appear in the Bulletin, please let Ms. Blake or Mrs. D  know by the Friday before the bulletin is to go out. This way you will be certain to have it appear in Thursday's Family Bulletin.

    Teacher Conferences
    A Conference with your child's teacher can be requested at any time during the year. Feel free to send a note or call the teacher to set up an appointment. The more communication you have with the school the more your child will know you value their education.

    Student Study Team Meetings
    Student Study Team meetings are a function of regular education. These meetings are set up
    when the issues and/or concerns about a child need the expertise of personnel in addition to
    the classroom teacher.

    Who can request a meeting?
    RSP/Speech teacher

    Why request a meeting?
    The requestor would like help and feedback with a particular concern regarding a
    student. The concern can be academic, social and/or developmental. The parent
    and teacher have already met and still request help.

    How do I request a meeting?
    Pick up a referral form from your child's teacher, fill it out and return to the
    Principal. Please note if a translator will be needed for the meeting.

    What will be the outcome of a meeting?

    Information will be shared that will help the team understand the whole child. Plans will be made for how both the teacher and parent can help their child. Sometimes, based upon the information presented at the meeting, the Psychologist and/or the RSP teacher will suggest further academic or social testing.

    What will the meeting look like?
    AGENDA  for a 45 minute meeting:
    1. Introductions

    · Parents/Guardians

    · Classroom Teacher

    · School Resource Teacher

    · School Psychologist

    · Principal

    2. Report from teacher: Strengths and Weaknesses, Concerns

    3. Added information
    4. Parent information: Strengths and Weaknesses, Concerns
    5. Brainstorm Solutions
    6. Next Steps
    7. Make plans: Who is responsible, and timeline

    Class Publications
    Individual classroom teachers will publish a "class happenings" newsletter on a regular basis.

    School Lunches, Breakfasts, and Snacks 
    Nutritious hot breakfasts and lunches are available for your child at school. Menus are sent home monthly. School meals are to be paid in advance in the mornings before school in the cafeteria. Children may pay for meals weekly or daily. 

    Monthly Menu (District web site)

    Bus Transportation 
    The Transportation Department works to provide students with safe, efficient and timely transport to and from school. If you still have questions about bus services after reading the information on this webpage, call (707) 935-6092 or stop by the Transportation Department (aka Bus Barn) at 18751 Railroad Ave. on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. or Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

    Bus passes must be purchased at the Transportation Department.


    Life Skills/ Conflict Resolution:
    Our counselor and our teachers instruct a K-5 continuum on the use of these valuable skills for the classroom and the playground. The list of Lifeskills and the Talk-It-Out strategies can be found in the handbook and in every classroom. Each month the Dunbar community highlights a different lifeskill. Students are recognized for using lifeskills with verbal praise and of a lifeskill card. The cards are collected in the office and each Friday at lunch 3 cards are drawn and the children receive books.