• Get Involved – Volunteer at Dunbar Elementary School

    Volunteers help us provide more opportunities for our students and are a fun and easy way to get involved with Dunbar Elementary School.  

    Your contribution to the school community is important and valued, and together we can help Dunbar Elementary School provide more and better opportunities for our students.

    Dunbar Elementary School Events

    Dunbar Elementary School holds several school-wide events per year to raise funds for specific causes. Check our calendar for updates and announcements on upcoming events, and fill out our volunteer form to get involved.

    Become a Volunteer

    Contact us and we will email or call you with opportunities for involvement. Thank you for volunteering!

    Dunbar Elementary School works hard with parents to ensure the highest level of success for their children. Parents play a critical role helping their students succeed—your support is the most important factor in your child’s ability to grow and learn—but Dunbar Elementary School can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you would like to discuss how you can best help your child.


    School Site Council (SSC)

    The Site Council has the ongoing responsibility to review with the principal the implementation of the Action Plan, which includes the budget, and the assessment of the effectiveness of the School Improvement Plan. The Site Council is made up of parents, teachers, and other school staff. Elections for parent Site Council Members are held annually in the spring. Dunbar Site Council meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. Join us.


    English Language Advisory Council (ELAC)

    The English Language Advisory Council is a committee of Dunbar parents whose children's primary language is not English. The committee serves as an arm of the School Site Council. It makes recommendations on curriculum areas including English Language Development. This committee is also a sub-group of the district Multilingual Advisory Council.