• Expectations of Students

    All students at Dunbar practice self-discipline and are well behaved at school. Students behave in ways that affect safety or learning.  Below is a list of DunbarSchool Rules to help our youngsters positively affect the safety and learning environment at Dunbar.  Please review the rules and expectations with your child.

    Help yourself and others do the best work possible

    • Arrive at school on time.
    • Come to class prepared with completed homework and materials (pencils, etc.).
    • Bring to school ONLY materials needed for class instruction (paper, binder, etc.)
    • Personal property such as sports equipment or toys may not be brought to school except for sharing or with teacher permission.
    • Noise levels in the halls and on the playground cannot interfere with classroom learning. Screaming is not appropriate at school.

    Respect the rights of yourself and others

    • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Solve problems peacefully using the “Talk it Out” guidelines.
    • Intimidating, harassing, or fighting with others, using foul or obscene language or gestures at school or on the bus to and from school, is prohibited.
    • Treat others, as you would like to be treated, with respect.

     Ensure everyone's safety

    • Always walk in the hallways.
    • Never throw anything that might hurt another person, disrupt learning, or damage property.

     Care for our environment

    • Help keep our campus clean.  Place all trash in a trashcan.
    • Leave gum, sunflower seeds, candy, sodas, and glass containers at home.
    • Place your belongings gently by your classroom without blocking the hallway or doorway.