• Prestwood Maker Lab

    Inspiring and developing the next generation of makers, creators, and innovators.

    The Prestwood Maker Lab encourages students to envision, plan and build creative projects that incorporate  science, technology & engineering principles. Projects are intended to be interactive and open-ended.


    Maker Lab goals:

    •       Engage students in hands-on projects
    •       Develop problem-solving skills and encourage self-direction
    •       Foster teamwork, decision-making, creativity, and higher-level thinking
    •       Support STEAM curriculum
    •       Empower students with new tools for making.
    •       Develop sense of curiosity
    •       Develop enthusiasm for applied science and technology concepts


Students in Maker Lab
  • Students from Prestwood’s K-5 classes enjoyed a new experience this spring in the Maker Lab with two sessions building electrical circuits using “squishy dough” and LED lights.


    Students made little bugs that lit up, paper circuits and created their own “wearable tech.”


    The Maker Lab is an expansion of the Prestwood Maker Faire, which has been going on for two years, in an effort to bring the excitement of “making” year-round to the students.