• Welcome back families and a warm welcome to our newest members of the Prestwood Panther Community!


    In order to provide your student with the many programs and learning resources that we have come to love and expect from Prestwood, essential supplemental funding is required from the Prestwood community.

    Each year, to close the gap between available budget and the funds Prestwood needs to provide your student and their teacher with resources and materials such as: computers/technology, differentiated learning, Walk To Read, Aides, poetry programs, art programs, supplies and enrichment programs, the PTO must fund over $300 per student.

    As you know, there are many fundraising opportunities that schools and organizations use, and believe it or not until recent years, Prestwood had 12 (yes TWELVE) required annual fundraisers to meet that deficit! Thankfully, one smart (and likely very tired parent) launced a new, much easier plan to keep Prestwood money on campus and drastically reduce the time and energy asked of parents and students.

    Meet Prestwood Direct, the direct fundraising campaign that simply asks you to direct 100% of funds right to our classrooms, not a small profit margin that we get for essentially staffing a free sales force for 10 different fundraising corporations in order to meet our budget. With participation of every family, we will be able to continue to omit 10 of those fundraisers again this year!


  • Prestwood Direct

  • Prestwood Direct Background

    Funding for California’s public schools keeps the doors open and the staff and teachers paid.  But that's not enough to provide students with resources and enrichment activities that expand learning beyond the core curriculum.

    Prestwood Elementary needs your help.

Use your credit card.  You don't need a PayPal account.
  • Prestwood is the lowest funded elementary school in the district on a per student basis.

    Funding Chart  *


    Prestwood's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) works year round to raise funding for key programs such as:

    • Art
    • Instructional aides for all classes
    • Computer lab instruction
    • Classroom equipment
    • Academic support and intervention
    • Library books and supplies
    • Playground equipment
    • Classroom supply funding
    Prestwood Direct is a direct approach to funding launched years ago to eliminate door-to-door sales programs (cookies, magazines, etc.) as funding mechanisms. Thru Prestwood Direct, Prestwood PTO asks each parent to make a financial contribution** in lieu of time on the street selling third-party goods. Suggested giving guidelines are:

    Option 1:  "Cover" my students $300, which 100% will go straight toward crucial funding, in place of the need for 10 fundraisers (that give an average of only 30% of proceeds back to the school).

    *Every donation received before October 10th at or above this level will be entered in our Tahoe Family Getaway Raffle


    Option 2:  "Contribute" to the goal. Although I cannot donate the full $300, I would like to show my commitment to our school and my child's education with a flat donation amount.

    *Every donation received before October 10th will be entered in our Prestwood Spirit Wear Raffle


    Option 3: I would like to split my payments into smaller increments made every month or on schedule.

    *Every donation received before October 10th, will be entered in our Prestwood Spirit Wear Raffle


    Option 4: "Grow" our support by donating $1,000 to cover your student and further enhance the Prestwood PTO enrichment programs.

    *Your generous contribution will be honored on the Prestwood Giving Tree with an Engraved Leaf



    You may also mail or drop a check made payable to Prestwood PTO in the Prestwood school office.

     Check with your employer. Many companies will match charitable contributions. Prestwood Direct will provide the verification needed to process matching contributions. 

Use your credit card.  You don't need a PayPal account.


    Prestwood Direct Community Outreach and Terra Firma

    To build funding resources within Prestwood Elementary’s community-at-large, Prestwood Direct identified Terra Firma Global Partners as top-tier strategic partner prospect.

    Effective July 1st, 2015, Prestwood PTO and Terra Firma Global Partners launched a joint fundraising venture - Prestwood Direct Solid Ground. 

    Prestwood PTO will receive direct funding from Terra Firma’s side of closed transactions in Prestwood Elementary’s sphere of influence.  Terra Firma will receive promotional support from Prestwood PTO activities.

    Prestwood PTO and The Prestwood Direct Team thank everyone for their support!



    * funding Prestwood PTO provides the district has been removed from the district reported totals

    ** a Prestwood Direct donation may be tax deductible; confirm with your tax advisor/tax software