• Class Placement

    A number of factors are considered by the teaching staff at Prestwood when assigning students to classrooms. The school staff meets each spring to create class lists for the following school year.  Your child’s current teacher will work with the grade level team to place your child in the appropriate class for next year. Our goal is to create classes that work for all students This is accomplished by giving careful consideration to the following:

    • Is the class balanced with an equal number of boys and girls?
    • Does the class have a balance of high, middle and low-achieving students?
    • Does your child’s learning style match with the teacher’s teaching style?
    • Does the class have approximately the same number of students as other classes at the same grade level?
    • Does the child need to be separated from another student?
    • How would the child function in a combination class? Has the child been in a combination class recently?

    If after reviewing the many factors that are considered in establishing our classes, you feel there are other factors of which you wish to make us aware, please complete a placement input form. Pick up the form in the office.