• Our staff is proud of all of our achievements. El Verano focuses on teacher learning and practice in writing, science, art and language development. We believe this dedication has contributed to student achievement. Teachers collaborate to develop strategies for instruction and assessments. We use our assessments to inform our instruction and set goals for student learning. We continue with our exciting programs to help increase student achievement and engagement. We currently have a partnership with the Exploratorium in San Francisco. The Inquiry Staff continues to support El Verano teachers to use inquiry-based science as a way of developing language and science. We have also adopted Visual Thinking Strategies. This program uses fine art as a method for developing critical thinking skills and language. Our preschool continues to provide our students with a great start to their educational career. We are very pleased to watch their progress as they learn and grow. The El Verano community is a very special one. Our parent participation and leadership continues to help support students, teachers and families. We have a parent leadership group entitled Universidad de Padres/Parent University that was established as a parent forum for discussion and support of student learning. We encourage parent and community participation and our doors are always open! Our strength is in our community!