• Dedicated to excellence and student achievement

    El Verano Community School, with a student body of 420, provides the best possible educational foundation for all students.  Literacy is a top priority; nothing is more important than learning to read.  With this in mind, the school provides an academically challenging program in a warm, caring atmosphere where children and teachers are expected to give their personal best.  

    El Verano, a culturally diverse school, reaps the rewards of having an actively participating neighborhood community.  The school prides itself on the individual attention given to each student and family.  Children are encouraged to express their individuality and practice school-wide Life Skills while meeting the academic challenges set forth by their teachers.  

    Both enrichment and support classes are offered to students during, and after school. The entire El Verano Staff knows that ALL children will learn if given the tools and experiences needed to be successful students. The El Verano community believes that students and families are at the heart of what we do every day. As students, teachers and families we all bring very different experiences, strengths and challenges to school with us every day.

    The magic happens when we find ways to create opportunities for each of us to shine. People are engaged and motivated when they have the freedom to create, question, investigate and grow.


    If you want to help your children do well in life there are a few things you can do. A high proportion of high achievers had two things in common:

    • First, there were lots of books in their homes and a great emphasis on reading.
    • Second, there was a family tradition of regularly eating dinner together.

    Filling a house with books surrounds children with endless and varied opportunities and challenges to explore and learn. Books provide knowledge and the seeds of wisdom and great stories teach about morality and character.

    Eating dinner together assures that parents have an opportunity to participate in their kids' day-to-day lives and help shape the way they think and react. Coordinating schedules so that the family eats together often requires a conscious effort to elevate family time above other things and the effort itself instills in children a sense of belonging.