• Dedicated to Excellence and Student Achievement

       Welcome to El Verano Elementary School, home of the Mustangs!  At El Verano, students are at the center of all we do. We are committed to helping each and every student grow, dream, and reach their full potential as a learner.  We believe that together we can accomplish that goal by providing a rigorous, supportive, and engaging learning environment for students.  We invite you to join us, participate, and be part of our wonderful El Verano community. 

       Each of us brings our different strengths, perspectives, and experiences to school with us. At El Verano, we value the stories our students bring. It is our job to listen to their stories and create opportunities for each student to be successful. We know that students are most engaged and motivated when they have the freedom to create, question, investigate and grow. 

       El Verano Community Elementary School is a public TK-5 elementary in Sonoma Valley Unified School District. We also have a preschool on our site, which runs a morning and afternoon program. We are proud to work in collaboration with the Family Resource Center, which is a satellite of La Luz and offers services and supports for our families as well as the surrounding community. Other programs at El Verano are Vivo Orchestra and Boys and Girls Club, which offers after-school and lunchtime programming for students. We have an established and successful Mentor Center on campus as well. In addition to these ongoing programs, we also offer enrichment classes for students, such as Kids Cooking for Life. Also housed on our campus is Baile Foklorico, a traditional Mexican dance corps, with whom we proudly work and support. 

        El Verano is a Title 1 school, and is committed to advancing the opportunities, achievement, and success of all children. We invite you to be part of our community of learners and imagine, inquire, and inspire together.


    If you want to help your children do well in life there are a few things you can do. A high proportion of high achievers had two things in common:

    • First, there were lots of books in their homes and a great emphasis on reading.
    • Second, there was a family tradition of regularly eating dinner together.

    Filling a house with books surrounds children with endless and varied opportunities and challenges to explore and learn. Books provide knowledge and the seeds of wisdom and great stories teach about morality and character.

    Eating dinner together assures that parents have an opportunity to participate in their kids' day-to-day lives and help shape the way they think and react. Coordinating schedules so that the family eats together often requires a conscious effort to elevate family time above other things and the effort itself instills in children a sense of belonging.