• El Verano School follows California State and Sonoma Valley Unified School District guidelines. The school district has adopted content standards in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. We have Multiple Measures assessments in both Language Arts and Mathematics. These assessments will allow teachers, students and parents to see where individuals are in reaching and/or exceeding District Standards. The measures will determine whether the student has successfully learned grade level standards. The results of these measures will enable our teachers to teach to your child's individual needs and strengths. Copies of the State content Standards will be discussed and distributed at Back to School Night.

    From the California Department of Education website: Content Standards for California Public Schools K - 12

    The district's Curriculum Advisory Council (CAC), District English Language Advisory Council (DELAC), El Verano's School Site Council (SSC), English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), and Gate Advisory Committee (GAC) are involved with curriculum issues. These groups meet once a month. If you are interested in working with these committees, please contact Maite Iturri.

    Language Arts
    Our adpoted curriculum includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our district's adopted materials are published by MacMillian McGraw-Hill Teasures. There is instructional assistance in many of the classrooms to help with reading. Teachers in grades1st to 5th regroup students to target instruction to student's needs. For more information see https://www.mheonline.com

    As a school site we have moved towards using Teacher's College Readers and Writers Workshop. We monitor student reading progress using a one on one assessment. Teachers listen to students read and support student growht through individual conferences and small group mini-lessons. 




    The math program emphasizes problem solving skills and strategies. Instruction includes concept development as well as basic skills. Our district adopted program is Scott Foresman Envision. For more information see http://envisionmathca.com/

    History/Social Science
    History /Social Science focuses on helping students to better understand themselves and others with emphasis on ethics and democratic values. Teachers use the Houghton Mifflin series grades K, 1 and 2 as part of their program. Grades 3, 4 and 5 are using Scott-Foresman. For more information see http://www.hmco.com/ or http://www.scottforesman.com/

    Science is a hands-on, active learning program that makes science accessible and meaningful for every student. The District adopted standards based curriculum is
    MacMillian McGraw-Hil . The science program is also enhanced by field & study trips as well as environmental projects. For more information see  https://www.mheonline.com

    Visual & Performing Arts

    Students learn skills and an understanding of the arts through various programs which include "Artist in Residence", plays, a Writer's Tea, music theory, school band & choir and more.

    Ball Toss Physical/Health Education
    PE is a developmentally appropriate program taught by the classroom teacher and a specialist emphasizing foundation skills, self - confidence, and wise decision-making. Jan Moore and Toni Stephens, district PE specialist, and your student's classroom teacher instruct firsts through fifth graders.




    The spacious Kinder rooms are filled with abundant natural light, brightening the many centers and play areas, provided for our youngest students. The fabulous Kinder yard has a brand new climbing structure with slides.

    Primary 1-3
    Please check back for info on the Primary grades curriculm.

    Intermediate 4& 5

    Outdoor Education Programs
    The Fourth Grade students spend three days and two nights at Coloma, as part of an Outdoor Science Education Program.

    Fifth Grade students take part in a study trip to Point Bonita. More info to come

    Artist in Residence Program
    The Fine Arts Program brings local artists to each classroom for extended lessons that focus on different genres at each grade level. 4th & 5th graders also exhibit their artwork at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.

    School Band & Choir
    4th & 5th grade students participate in a complete band or choir program. Instruments include: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and drums.