• Kids

    Our Mission

    The Flowery Mission is to create a learning community where students:

    • Are bilingual and bi-literate with a positive cross-cultural outlook;
    • Are role models for kindness, empathy, and mutual respect;
    • Are lifelong learners who possess an expanded worldview for success in a global society.


    Our Vision

    • Students attain high levels of academic achievement in English and Spanish through academic rigor and support to reach their full potential.
    • Students demonstrate kindness, empathy, and mutual respect in an inclusive environment.
    • Students engage in relevant and meaningful standards-based curriculum in English and Spanish that fosters a love of learning. 

    Flowery School Core Values

    • Kids We believe in students, their families and the community and value its diversity.
    • We believe that adults and students work better as part of a team.
    • We value the dedication and commitment of our unique staff.
    • We believe that making curriculum meaningful, creative and accessible reaches all levels of learners.
    • We value our traditions and positive experiences that foster life long learning and create bilingual, bicultural students.
    • Each child matters and deserves physical and emotional safety.
    • There is mutual respect among students and adults.
    • We are dedicated to developing responsible behavior among all students.