• Get Involved – Volunteer at Sassarini Elementary School

    Volunteers help us provide more opportunities for our students and are a fun and easy way to get involved with Sassarini Elementary School.  
    Your contribution to the school community is important and valued, and together we can help Sassarini Elementary School provide more and better opportunities for our students.

    Organization of Parents and Teachers (OPT)

    The Sassarini OPT is a key support to programs and services at our school! OPT funding provides all of our field trips at Sassarini  and supports our technology, garden and library programs. OPT is also responsible for many school spirit and community benefit events throughout the year. We encourage all parents to attend an OPT meeting and learn more about this wonderful organization.  The current fund raising efforts of OPT are focused on the long-term goal of an updated playground!

    Please join us -- everyone is welcome!

    Check out the Sassarini OPT website! Sassarini OPT


    English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

    ELAC stands for English Language Advisory Committee.  Every public California school, Grades K-12, with 21 or more English learners must have an ELAC committee. ELAC provides input for the school's Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), advises the principal and staff on the process for informing parents of Enlgish Learners about the ELPAC and re-classification, and consults with the prinicpal and staff on programs for English Learners.


    School Site Council (SSC)

    School Site Council (SSC) is a committee comprised of parents, teachers, and other staff. The purpose of the committee is to serve as a representative body for the purpose of developing the focus and goals of a schools instructional program.  The legislative intent of SSC is that individuals who are most impacted by the operation of a school have a role in the decision-making.


    Parent Engagement Policy Information