• Get Involved – Volunteer at Sassarini Elementary School

    Volunteers help us provide more opportunities for our students and are a fun and easy way to get involved with Sassarini Elementary School.  

    Your contribution to the school community is important and valued, and together we can help Sassarini Elementary School provide more and better opportunities for our students.

    Other Volunteer Opportunities

    Online Auction – We are considering holding online auctions where members of our community can view and bid on items from anywhere at any time.  The proceeds go to the school for use in academic and extracurricular development programs. If you are interested in assisting in organizing or donating an item please let us know. 

    Sassarini Elementary School Events
    Sassarini Elementary School holds several school-wide events per year to raise funds for specific causes. Check our calendar for updates and announcements on upcoming events, and fill out our volunteer form to get involved.

    Become a Volunteer
    Contact us and we will email or call you with opportunities for involvement. Thank you for volunteering!