Elizabeth Liscum 

933-4046 x5225

Phone: 933-4046 x5225

Email: lliscum@sonomaschools.org

Elizabeth Liscum, Principal

Department(s): Administration

Degrees and Certifications
Bachelor of Liberal Studies Sonoma State University, Multiple Subject Teacher Credential, Masters Educational Leadership

Taught at Adele starting in 2008

Special Interests
My Family, Traveling, Reading, Learning, Pinterest, Home Decorating, DIY Projects, Writing Detentions, Group Activities

Terri Hernandez 

933-4046 x8710

Phone: 933-4046 x8710

Email: thernandez@sonomaschools.org

Terri Hernandez, Office Manager

Department(s): Administration

Flor Canela 


Flor Canela, Community Liaison

Department(s): Administration

Anahi Rodriguez Magana 

707-933-4046 x 8725

Phone: 707-933-4046 x 8725

Email: arodriguezmagana@sonomaschools.org

Anahi Rodriguez Magana, Community Liaison

Department(s): Administration

Peggy Murray 

933-4046 x8740

Phone: 933-4046 x8740

Email: pmurray@sonomaschools.org

Peggy Murray, Counselor

Department(s): Support

Tracy Dorrance 

933-4046 x5112

Phone: 933-4046 x5112

Email: tdorrance@sonomaschools.org

Tracy Dorrance, Counselor

Department(s): Counseling

Walter Williams

Walter Williams 

Art, Math & Science Teacher

933-4046 x8715


Phone: 933-4046 x8715

Email: wwilliams@sonomaschools.org

Walter Williams, Art, Math & Science Teacher

Department(s): Teacher

Walt Williams has taught multiple subjects at Creekside High School for the last 15 years. He is the father of Sofia and Tuck and husband of Kate. He is a 10 year board member of Sonoma Valley Teen Services, avid tennis player, skier and fly-fisherman, wine tour bus driver and writer for local publications. His educational philosophy is simply to do what is best for the student. He was the recipient of the Helen Buckley Inspirational Teacher award in 2015.

Jennifer Krick 

English Teacher

933-4046 x8730

Phone: 933-4046 x8730

Email: jkrick@sonomaschools.org

Jennifer Krick, English Teacher

Department(s): Teacher

Samuel Granger 

History Teacher

933-4046 x8764

Phone: 933-4046 x8764

Email: sgranger@sonomaschools.org

Samuel Granger, History Teacher

Department(s): Teacher