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From SVUSD, Socorro Shiels RE: P, G & E Power Outages Announcement

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We have been informed by the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) that the likelihood of our entire community losing power for upwards of 3-5 day increments is very high, not only for this year but for years to come.

All school districts, businesses, residents, and municipalities should gear up for, as OEM describes it, “the new normal for Sonoma County.” To that end, we are working with our District partners to craft an emergency plan that will address this situation. We have been working the City of Sonoma, our community first responders, and County leads. For this year, there is a possibility that school instruction may extend in June if PG&E shutdowns occur. If we lose instructional days because of this, we will have to work with staff and community to find ways to make up the instructional time.

We will notify families immediately as we learn of power outages and which schools may be affected or if it affects the entire district.


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