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AHMS Daily Bulletin Friday, September 3, 2021 A Day

Happy Birthday today to Blake Jurasek!!! And over the weekend Alyssa Evans-Zink, Alaina Ochoa and Santiago Chavez Castillo have birthdays!!


Hey Hornets- Part of being responsible is picking up your own trash and making sure it gets into a trash can. Let's show some of our Hornet pride and make sure we are all doing our part to keep our campus clean.


We need 2 students to work break and/or lunch in the ball box. Please see Mrs. Aubin if you are interested.


Before school and at break, students are to remain inside the red lines until a campus supervisor is present and releases students to play. At lunch, all students will remain inside the lines until the 10 minute bell rings. Also, no food is allowed outside of the red lines.

Thank you.


Gaiters are no longer considered proper face coverings for schools. Beginning today, all students and staff must be wearing proper masks.


Attention 6th graders – If you have not exchanged your Chromebook yet please see Ms. Moreno in the Library.


Hey Hornets! Next week we will be having a Spirit Week! Dress up and earn Spirit points for your Advisory class. On Tuesday the dress-up theme is Crazy Hair Day, on Wednesday it's Twin's Day (dress in matching outfits with someone else), on Thursday it’s Athletic Team Day (show off your favorite sports team) and on Friday the theme is Color Splash (6th grade wear orange and pink, 7th grade wear green and light blue, and 8th grade wear yellow and purple)! As always, you can wear an AHMS shirt any day for it to count as points for your Advisory class.




Monday 8/30: 3:30-5:00 Followed by parent meeting at 5:40

Tuesday 8/31 3:30-5:00

Wednesday 9/1 2:30-4:00

Thursday 9/2 3:30-5:00

Girls Basketball

Monday 8/30- meet in the gym at lunch after the 10 min bell

Tuesday 8/31 3:30-5:00

Wednesday 9/1 2:30-4:00

Thursday 9/2 3:30-5:00 

Cross Country:

Monday 8/30 No practice

Tuesday 8/31 3:30-4:30 followed by a parent meeting at 4:40 in the Adele Library

Wednesday 9/1 no practice

Thursday 9/2 3:30-4:30



Hornet Humor! 

Q: Why can't cats play poker in the jungle? 

A: There's too many cheetahs!

If you want to contribute to the jokes, please send them to send them to:  Thanks! 


Be Safe,

Be Kind and Respectful,

Be Responsible,

And be the best you can be……. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!