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AHMS Daily Bulletin Friday, April 30, 2021 B Day

Happy Birthday today to Adrian Jagard-Analco and Analy Pamatz Lucas!!! And over the weekend Bryan Barajas, Viola Palladini, Vanessa Gomez and Mitchell Alger have birthdays!!


Attention Cohorts A and B (all on campus students): Beginning this Monday, May 3rd, Cohort A and B will be combined and all "on campus" hybrid students will be attending school 4 days a week; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. The daily schedule and Wednesdays will not change, (O period virtual, A and B days 9:00-12:00) only the fact that you will now be on campus 4 days a week. Please plan accordingly and make arrangements to be here. 


Attention 6th and 7th graders! If you are interested in running for an ASB officer position (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, 8th grade representative, or 7th grade representative) for the 2021-2022 school year OR if you are interested in applying for the Leadership elective next year, you must complete the application that was sent to your School Loop email on Monday, April 26th by Ms. Orozco. All current Leadership students who have selected Leadership as their elective for next school year must also apply. The application is due by Monday, May 3rd. We will be holding ASB elections at the end of May! Please email Ms. Orozco if you have any questions.



Hornet Humor

Q: Why didn't the sun go to college?

A: Because it already had a million degrees! Submitted by The Internet

If you want to contribute to the jokes, please send them to send them to:  Thanks! 


Be Safe,

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Be Responsible,

And be the best you can be……. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!