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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, Aug 28 B Day

Friday already?!?  This week went fast!!!  Have a good weekend everyone!


Happy Birthday today Pamela Z…and over the weekend Daniela M has a birthday too!



Here is what we are doing for our Drive Thru Photo day…Día de fotos de Adele Harrison.pdf or Adele Harrison Picture Day English.pdf .    Ck it out!


Hornet Humor     Q: Why did the pirate learn the alphabet?
                               A: Because he was always lost at C.


Submitted by the Internet   Got a joke to share?  Email them back to me at




That’s it for now…..and please remember to…

Be Safe                                                                                                                                                  

Be Kind and Respectful

Be Responsible

And be the best you can be

THE CHOICE IS YOURS   (oh, and wash your hands)