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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, November 18, 2019 A Day

Leadership would like to announce the top three Advisory classes in the Trimester 1 Spirit Competition. In third place was Ms. Silverman’s Advisory class with 136 points. In second place was Ms. Hoban’s Advisory class with 144 points. And in first place we have Ms. Shellie Ryan’s Advisory class with 170 points!!! Their class will be getting an award for placing first - great job! And thank you to all of the Advisory classes for participating the Spirit Competition this Trimester.


And also Congratulations to Ms. Castaneda's Advisory class for winning the AVID College Wear Count for Trimester 1!  AVID will be providing their Advisory class with a special prize! Remember to keep wearing College wear every Tuesday to earn points for your Advisory class. Thanks, AVID


Listen up Advisory classes. This week is the start of the Trimester 2 Advisory Spirit Competition. All classes start at zero, so start earning points for your class this Friday! This Friday's dress up is Meme/Vine Day. Please keep them school appropriate and you have to have a prop with you. You cannot just recite the vine. Also tiktoks do not count. If you have a prop or if you are wearing Adele spirit wear you will earn 2 spirit points for your Advisory class.


This Friday's noontime Spirit Competition activity is Sharks and Minnows. The last minnow will win their Advisory class 15 spirit points! Plus you will earn 5 points for your Advisory class just for participating. Please pick someone from your Advisory class to be the minnow and come on out to the field at the 10 minute bell. We will be starting the game 5 minutes after the 10 minute bell so don't be late! See you there, Leadership.





(readers  only read each day)



7th and 8th VB together 3:30-5:30

8th BB 5:45-7:15

7th BB  7:15-8:45



Boys Bb home vs Calistoga

7th grade team head straight to the locker room after school to get ready for the game

VB Away @ Calistoga

7th Dismissed from class @ 2:10  Depart at 2:25

8th dismissed at 2:50 Depart at 3:10



7th VB practice 2:45-4:00

8th VB 4:00-5:15

8th BB 5:30-7:00

7th BB 7:00-8:30



Boys BB home vs TECH-

7th grade team head straight to the locker room after school to get ready for the game

VB away @ TECH

7th dismissed @ 2:30 for 2:45 departure

8th Depart @ 3:30


Friday: No practices