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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, November 8, 2019 B Day

Yup, it’s a three day weekend in honor of Veterans Day….see you all back here on Tuesday, Nov. 12th!


It’s Spirit day here at Adele …hope you wore your Adele Spirit wear to earn points for your Advisory class today!


A reminder to all 6th graders….today, go to your Advisory class as usual and ck in with your teacher….then come to the Gym and bring your backpacks and chrome books with you to vote on who will be your 6th grade rep  Thanks, Ms. Orozco


This Friday is the last Spirit Competition dress up day and noontime activity of the Trimester, so let's make it a good one and try to earn those spirit points for your Advisory class!  Also on Friday the noontime activity will be a Human Hula Hoop Toss! It's like horseshoes but the stakes are people and the horseshoes are hula hoops. Advisory classes please send one student to come out and toss hula hoops onto the "stake" to earn spirit points. You can earn two points for every hula hoop you make, but you only have one minute. Come on out to the field after the 10 minute bell. Thanks, Leadership



(READERS- Please only read the current day’s schedule)

BB and 8VB Teams will be posted Wednesday morning outside the gym doors (both facing the quad and parent loop)  

Wednesday 11/6 

7th VB 2:45- 4:30 tryout # 1

8th BB 4:45-6:15

7th BB 6:15-7:45

Thursday 11/7

7th VB 3:30-5:15 tryout # 2

8th VB Practice 5:15-6:45

7th bb Practice 7:00-8:30

7th VB team will be posted Friday Morning

Friday 11/8 Practice

7th VB 3:30-5:15

8th BB 5:30- 7:00